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Product info

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An airbag for your tech and pillow for your head. 


The versatile Scrubba air sleeve promises to bring a little extra comfort, protection, and style right into your office on-the-go. Auto-inflating to provide instant protection against minor bumps, it also doubles as a travel pillow to help you work hard and rest easy, from the train to the local park and all commutes in between. 




Small and light for compact storage, it auto-inflates via the attached valve to provide a protective cushion of air that shields against minor bumps and knocks. For occasions where protection is the maximum priority, such as turbulent flights or bicycle commutes, the sleeve can be over-inflated with only a few breaths of air, providing additional cushioning that protects against impact by nestling your device within the sleeve's soft elastic inner lining. Now you can work, study, and commute anywhere without worrying about your device or the important work and precious memories stored on it. 

The Scrubba air sleeve, available in 5 sizes compatible with most tablets and 12", 13", and 15" laptops, is the ultimate in tech protection.



In its over-inflated state, the Scrubba air sleeve acts as a small, comfortable travel pillow, perfect for relaxing at the park or trying to catch up on some sleep at the airport. Functional with or without a laptop inside, you can easily lounge around with a book or sneak in a power nap, all while knowing that your laptop is secure and unlikely to become a target of theft. For even more comfort, fully unzip the sleeve, remove your device, and blow in more air until the sleeve forms a large pillow. With a durable base suitable for rugged outdoor environments and a plush upper for maximum comfort that insulates against noise and cold, the air sleeve is ideal for helping you work outdoors and travel on long-haul flights and trains in ultimate comfort and style.

From the train to the airport, the cafe to the campus, and all journeys in between, the Scrubba air sleeve promises to breathe a little fresh air into your routine. Finally you can sit back and relax, confident that your tech is protected. 


With the Scrubba air sleeve you can: 

  • Protect your tech with versatile auto-inflate and over-inflate options.
  • Relax in- and outdoors by using the sleeve as a pillow.
  • Travel or commute with less concern for your device. 
  • Travel the way that suits you with various levels of inflation. 
  • Compress down for smaller, neater packing. 


  • Durable and splashproof 300 denier TPU coated exterior fabric
  • Twist-style air valve.
  • Water resistant wrap around zipper
  • Strap attachment points
  • Auto-inflation technology.
  • Neoprene side protection panels
  • Plush elastic inner lining
  • 5 size options for tablets, 12", 13", and 15" laptops
  • Grey or blue colour option

Perfect for:

  • Short commutes
  • Long-haul commutes
  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Working or studying outdoors

Sizes and Specifications: 

For full details of sizing, please click here.

Tablet Scrubba air sleeve

Sleeve dimensions: 21 cm x 27 cm (8.3 x 10.7 inches)

To fit tablets and laptops up to: 18 cm x 25.1 cm (7 x 10 inches)

Sleeve weight: ~ 174g (6.2 oz.)

12" Scrubba air sleeve 

Sleeve dimensions: 24 cm x 32 cm (9.5 x 12.6 inches)

To fit laptops up to: 20 cm x 28 cm (8 x 11 inches)

Sleeve weight: ~ 217g (7.7 oz.)

13" Scrubba air sleeve 

Sleeve dimensions: 26.5 cm x 34 cm (10.5 x 13.4 inches)

To fit laptops up to: 23 cm x 32.5 cm (9 x 12.8 inches)

Sleeve weight: ~ 250g (8.9 oz.)

15" Scrubba air sleeve 

Sleeve dimensions: 27.5 cm x 36 cm (10.9 x 14.2 inches)

To fit laptops up to: 24 cm x 35 cm (9.5 x 13.8 inches)

Sleeve weight: ~ 277g (9.8 oz.)

15.7" Scrubba air sleeve 

Sleeve dimensions: 29 cm x 40 cm (11.5 x 15.8 inches)

To fit laptops up to: 25.4 cm x 39 cm (10 x 15.4 inches)

Sleeve weight: ~ 318g (11.3 oz)


How Scrubba Bags/Packs work

The Scrubba Wash Bag and Scrubba W Pack and Allurette washers all feature internal washboards that allow a machine quality wash in minutes.  Using them is as simple as:

Scrubba steps

Add clothes, water and cleaning liquid; close and deflate the bag; then rub from the outside for up to 3 minutes then just rinse and hang to dry.

Compared to traditional washboards, the ones in Scrubba and Allurette products are ultra thin and flexible and they are enclosed in the bag or pack.  As the rubbing is done from the outside of the bag, there is minimal mess and your hands remain drier.  

The Scrubba Bag, Pack and Allurette washer also double as dry sacs to keep gear dry between washes.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I have the 15.7" Scrubba air sleeve and it perfectly protects my laptop and is a great pillow for trips / travels!

Quality are not we aspects

Hi creator,
Quality and materials are not we ours aspects, need to improves on materials.
Deliver are usual. Need to monitoring on shipments too frequently and negotiated with local deliver services. Materials are insufficiently soft. Therefore, advertisements photo are incorrect to leading those buyer or consumers.


Global stock: Scrubba Air Sleeve Blue for tablets or laptops

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