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Washing clothes to prevent the spread of COVID19

by Ashley Newland |


While it is well known that Covid-19 is spread via respiratory droplets among close contact with people (within about 6 feet or 2 meters), transmission from surfaces contaminated with the virus is yet to be documented by the CDC.  However, the CDC considers that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on different surfaces.  Ensuring clothes remain clean may help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

For those with a washing machine at home, use it regularly.  If you don’t have a washing machine, ensure you take proper precautions when going to the Coin Laundry (i.e. maintain social distancing, wear gloves, avoid touching your face and make sure to disinfect all surfaces of the machines you use).  If you would prefer not to venture to a Coin Laundry, you can use your Scrubba wash bag to quickly wash small loads of clothes at home.

Whether you use a home washing machine, Coin Laundry or Scrubba wash bag, use warm to hot water that is appropriate for the clothing type (yep read the fabric care labels). If using the Scrubba wash bag, make sure the water isn’t too hot to avoid burning your hands as you rub the clothes against the internal washboard.

Where possible use a laundry liquid or powder that includes a bleach compound (again make sure to read fabric care labels).  Common bleach compounds in laundry detergents include sodium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide).  The American Chemistry Council has compiled a list of products including detergents that are likely to be suitable against COVID-19.

Don’t overuse laundry liquid or powders.  If too much laundry liquid or powder is used, washing efficiency is actually decreased and extra rinsing will be required to remove all the cleaning agent.

Ensure clothes are fully dried and where possible, hang the clothes in direct sunshine (UV can kill residual viral particles) and in fresh air. 

If caring for an ill person, use disposable gloves if possible while handling their clothes and immediately wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after removing your gloves.

More to come. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries or have anything to add.



Escape to the backcountry - the best place to self-isolate.

by David Shekleton |

So you can't fly. There's nothing to do at home and if you were to venture out you can't go within 6 feet anyone that you don't already share a house with. What better time to get outdoors?? There's no social distancing needed when you're hugging a tree! There's certainly no reason why you can't get the whole family in the wagon (or camper) and hit the road.

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Ways to avoid Coin Laundry

by Sam Brown |

Self Isolation can be fairly easy if we have access at home for everything we need.

Across the globe many countries are facing total lock downs to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID19).  During this difficult time, it is important to maintain a high standard of hygiene . Not just washing hands, you need to wash clothing and bedding frequently as well. 

Self isolation can be quite tricky for residents in apartments (particularly in places like Manhattan and New York City) as they are not allowed to have personal washing machines or dryers. Using personal washing machine can lead to issues such as floor/ceiling cracks, mold growth and water damage. In NYC apartment spaces were built decades before a washing machines even became common in households. 

Apartment dwellers usually drag dirty laundry baskets to shared basement facilities or drive/walk to the nearest public coin laundry.

-Poorly maintained machines
- Surfaces such as folding tables are usually not 100% clean
-Misplacing personal items along the journey 

-  High costs, with the average washing loads costing between $2-3 USD. Dryers are additional costs
-  Some are cash only, operated with quarters
-Time consuming
- Not environmentally friendly as a lot of energy is used

 These washing options can put others at risk during self isolation. Do you need to sterilize the washing machine before use, if it's not card operated will you have to handle quarters or visit a bank, will you be in a small room potentially with other people until the load is finished or risk the theft of your belongings?


To prevent leaving your apartment space hand washing the next best option. It is a quicker option however your sink may not provide a quality wash. Washing your clothes in a sink can also be unhygienic and can be messy, which could potentially result in dangerous spills. Frequent hand washing can damage the skin especially for people with dermatitis. 


Buy a portable washing machine

A handy alternative is the Scrubba wash bag. It takes up very little space and can easily be rolled up and stored in your drawers. Originally designed to allow travellers and campers to pack less clothes and wash them anywhere for free, the Scrubba wash bag allows a machine quality wash for up to 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of socks in just minutes.  It has been trusted by over 230,000 travellers worldwide who travel clean, light and free. You only need to use a Scrubba wash bag a dozen times to make buying your own washing machine worth it.

 The patented washboard-in-a-bag design is easy to use.  Just add dirty clothes, water, soap, fold bag up to the guidelines, let out excess air, scrub for 3 minutes then rinse with clean water. During isolation avoid your basement dryer and par dry with a microfibre towel. Par drying can help speed up the drying process and prevent dripping on your floor.

The Scrubba wash bag does not require any disinfecting. You will only need to rinse and turn the wash bag inside-out to dry after each use. Our wash bag uses microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU, air drying the inside of the bag will help it last longer and make it more hygienic. 

In this changing climate, remember to keep calm and stay clean with the Scrubba wash bag. If you don’t have one you can find out more here

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How the Scrubba Community Rallied in the Face of a National Crisis

by Sarah Home |

Tree growing amongst charred trees - Martin Von Stoll

Aggressive and wide-spread bushfires were a devastating reality across Australia in the 19/20 summer season, causing unprecedented damage, loss, and heartache which has been felt the world over. Together with the generosity of our amazing Scrubba customers, we were able to play a part in helping to support the incredible relief agencies, firefighters and affected communities in a time when it was needed most.

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Beware of counterfeit Scrubba wash bags

by Ashley Newland |

Recently, some counterfeit Scrubba wash bags were sold on under the account of "Steve Butler Zr".  These counterfeit Scrubba wash bags are readily identifiable by the type of valve used and inferior inner washboard.  Measures are being take to enforce our intellectual property rights against Steve Butler Zr.

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